Goodlife is a premium essentials brand. An understated style inspired by the modern day journey and nostalgic irreverence. Wardrobe staples and timeless product made for life’s unforgettable moments. Our quality is the new luxury.

It’s never been about fashion. It will always be about style. Enjoy your Goodlife.


Founder of Goodlife, Chris Molnar was born straight into the fashion industry. Having watched his father, a Hungarian immigrant, realize the American Dream working as a Mercedes salesman in 1970’s LA, to launching Hugo Boss in North America and pioneering their global dominance by the 1980’s. This left an enormous impression on a young Chris. A firsthand appreciation of what hard work, dedication and persistence cultivates. Spending time in Los Angeles where his parents first met, then raised in Northern New Jersey, his exposure to luxury fashion in New York City shaped his diverse, yet simple and effortless sense of style.

Now an industry veteran himself, having helped build small niche brands to managing businesses at iconic fashion houses John Varvatos and Michael Kors, Chris has set out to create his own vision, with a sophisticated yet understated approach to menswear. Goodlife. Drawing inspiration from his eye for all things style, yet minimalist environment, the brand is as much the beach as it is the mountains, or the bustling city. It’s travel, it’s cars, it’s architecture – it’s sport, it’s your dog. In Chris’s case, his inseparable rescue pup, Diego.

Goodlife provides the essentials for the eponymous lifestyle.


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